Add a network device to the VISA device list

Devices connected to the PC via USB or GPIB are usually automatically detected and can be selected from the dropdown list of the Device address control. Devices which are connected via ethernet are not detected automatically but the device adderss must either be entered manually in the form

TCPIP[board]::host address[::LAN device name][::INSTR]
e.g. TCPIP0::

or the device can be added to the device list using NI MAX. For instructions and more information, visit

Open a remote support session

Developing software modules for your hardware usually requires a debugging process. If the according PC is connected to the internet, the easiest way to debug the software is to schedule a remote support session with us so we can directly access your PC and debug the software modules.

Please note that no additional software like TeamViewer needs to be installed!

To open a remote support session select Support => Open remote support session from thaTEC:Core’s menu bar:

The module might take some time to start. However, if any error message occurs or nothing happens, please update the support database as described here.

After eventually granting admin rights in the popup window, our TeamViewer support module will open. Here you can insert your name and an optional short description for the requested support. We will receive an email with your support request.

Important note: To allow access your PC, you need to confirm this once more by

Problems with reading/writing files

1) Is your file path to long? (Path length is restricted to 260 characters by Windows)
=> Solution: Try to copy file to another location / change file path

2) Check file or folder names for special characters

 3) Accessing the data file with, e.g., the thaTEC:DataInspector during the measurement can cause issues due to the simultaneous file access.
=> Solution: Check your live data only via thaTEC:OS !

How can I see the changes if an update for a software module is available?

It is possible to open the current changelog of the module before installing the update. For this, just right click on the respective module and select „Update“ => „Open updated changelog“

Issues updating thaTEC:Core

In the last versions, we changed the self-update procedure of thaTEC:OS. Thus, if you are using an older version (before 2019-08-06), the update is not performed correctly and it will still be indicated that a new update is available. In this case, you will need to download the „Core_updater“ module from the module library and run this module to manually perform the update.

The min/max values in scan definition in thaTEC:OS are not correct

During the connection process of a driver module to thaTEC:OS, the min/max values for each control are obtained from the properties of the individual controls and transmitted to thaTEC:OS. If the min/max values in the scan definition are not correct, there are possible origins.

1) The min/max values of the control were changed during the program runtime after the connection to thaTEC:OS. In this case, the properties need to be re-sent using the Please see also the example in the programming template (current range control).

2) Check the representation of your control. For example, currently, single precision (SGL) values are not recognized, thus, please change the representation of the control to integer or double precision.

Connection error to thaTEC:OS

Device module cannot connect to thaTEC:OS

=> Solution: Check connection settings in thaTEC:OS and in the device module via the menu bar > Communiation > Settings. If thaTEC:OS and the device module are on the same PC use the same PC setting.

Missing data points

Accessing the data file with, e.g., the thaTEC:DataInspector during the measurement can cause issues due to the simultaneous file access.
=> Solution: Check your live data only via thaTEC:OS !

See also Problems with reading/writing files

Labels/buttons in the user interface seem to overlap

This can happen if the Windows display settings has been set to a scaling value of larger than 100%. We try to develop our software modules in a way that this does not happen. However, if you are having trouble with this, the best solution is to set the display scaling to 100%.

GPIB devices are not found any more

This can happen due to driver issues after updating NI drivers
=> Solution: 1) Remove NI488 drivers, 2) reinstall thaTEC:Core, 3) DO NOT update NI products!