Optical scanning microscope

Custom optical scanning microscope

Turnkey systems for various detection methods

A system taylored to fit your needs!

You plan to implement an optical technique to investigate micro- and nanostructures? We offer customized hardware for your lab!

During our own longstanding experimental work in the area of Brillouin light scattering microscopy, we constructed and continuously improved several scanning microscopes in various labs all over the world . THATec Innovation will bring this experience to your lab.

We customize our hardware according to your experimental scenario: detection technique, positioning system, high-frequency or dc probes to contact your sample, …? No problem! Tell us your requirements, we will select the optimal hardware for you and will set it up right where it belongs: in your lab!

Moreover, our software module for microscopy offers autofocus routines, long-time position stabilization and fully automated 2D scans. Get in touch with us and get your customized THATec Innovation optical scanning microscope now.

Prices starting from
37.100 EUR


  • setup of the microscope system on-site
  • positioning system
  • 100x/0.75 objective
  • design and setup of the optical beam path from the laser to the detector (required optics are not included)




Application Notes



VersionHigh precisionHigh load & large travelLarge travel & high precision
Optical properties
Laser wavelength range400 - 800 nm (laser not included)
Max. laser beam diameter8 mm
ObjectiveMagnification: 100x, NA: 0.75, Working distance: 4 mm
Spotsize (@532 nm)≈ 430 nm
LED sample illumination900 mW @ 655 nm (for laser wavelengths < 590 nm)
630 mW @ 860 nm (for laser wavelengths > 590 nm)
Camera specs1280 px x 1024 px, 60 fps, 10-bit ADC, Monochromatic
Camera - Field of view≈ 65 µm x 50 µm
Camera connectorUSB 3
Focus sensorIncluded
2nd viewportYes, lower magnification for electrical contacting and sample overview
2nd viewport - Field of view≈ 1.2 mm x 1 mm
Automatic transition between viewportsnoyes (requires thaTEC:Microscopy software)
3D Positioning system
Type3D Piezo stack (open-loop)Integrated x-y-stage plus z-stageLinear motor stages
Travel range in x-y-direction100 µm90 mm160 mm x 50 mm
Travel range in z-direction100 µm4.8 mm
Manual positioners travel13 mm (x,y), 10 mm (z)-
Min. incremental motion (x,y)< 1 nm50 nm1 nm
Min. incremental motion (z)< 1 nm60 nm
Maximum centered load (without probe station)30 N96 N51 N
Further specifications
Sample mount diameter16 mm
Rec. max. sample size20 mm x 20 mm
Mounting optionsOptical tables with M6 holes on 25 mm centers or 1/4”-20 mounting holes on 1” centers
Laser input/output height40 - 120 mm
Dimensions525 mm x 320 mm x 480 mm
On-site service visit & trainingIncluded: 4 days, worldwide
Prices starting from:37.100 EUR52.700 EUR56.900 EUR
Add-ons and options
Add-on: thaTEC:Microscopy software
Fully automated image acquisition and sample positioning
Auto focus routines via the camera image and/or via the probing laser beam
Active long-time position stabilization via pattern recognition routines
Automated scanning of user-defined regions
Automated movement along user-defined trajectories
Smart sample finder: Transistion between viewport along user-defined trajectory
Full integration into the lab automation framework thaTEC:OS
Add-on: Probe station
RF probescompatible with customized GR-style probes from GGB (probes not included)
Frequency rangeDC to 40/50/67 GHz (depending on probe model)
Max. number of RF probes2, each manually 3D positionable
Travel range10 mm (all directions)13 mm in x-y-direction, 6 mm in z-direction
Add-on: Electromagnet
ElectromagnetCompatible with: GMW 5403, GMW 5403FG, GMW 5480EG (not included)}
Maximum field≈800 mT
Railing system for magnetIncluded, to move the electromagnet and get easy access to the sample
Low-temperature option (4 K)
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