Optical scanning microscope

Custom optical scanning microscope

Turnkey systems for various detection methods

A system taylored to fit your needs!

You plan to implement an optical technique to investigate micro- and nanostructures? We offer customized hardware for your lab!

During our own longstanding experimental work in the area of Brillouin light scattering microscopy, we constructed and continuously improved several scanning microscopes in various labs all over the world . THATec Innovation will bring this experience to your lab.

We customize our hardware according to your experimental scenario: detection technique, positioning system, high-frequency or dc probes to contact your sample, …? No problem! Tell us your requirements, we will select the optimal hardware for you and will set it up right where it belongs: in your lab!

Moreover, our software module for microscopy offers autofocus routines, long-time position stabilization and fully automated 2D scans. Get in touch with us and get your customized THATec Innovation optical scanning microscope now.

Hardware Features

  • standard microscope objective: magnification 100x, NA 0.75, 4 mm working distance to give enough space for RF- and DC-probes (see also our probe station)
  • viewing system:
    • CCD camera to monitor your structures
    • LED sample illumination(various wavelengths and intensities available)
    • optional second viewport with larger viewing area to land the electrical probes
  • positioning system:
    • basic: high precision piezo stages
    • advanced: high precision linear motor stages with high load capacity (up to 30 kg) and long travel range (up to 350 mm)
  • scanning microscopy:
    • included: optomechanical parts and optics to implement a scanning laser beam combined with our viewing system
    • optics and light path can be optimized for your requirements (laser wavelength, power, etc.)
  • fully compatible with our probe station:
    • electrical contacting with micromanipulators – no wire bonding needed – while holder is mounted on positioning system – no transfer needed after contacting
  • miscellaneous:
    • system can be used with an electromagnet mounted on a rail system (to allow for easy access to the sample), e.g., for Brillouin light scattering microscopy
    • included: general purpose analog and digital I/O for data acquisition or the control of instrumentation

Prices starting from
24.900 EUR


  • setup of the microscope system on-site
  • design and setup of the optical beam path from the laser to the detector (required optics are not included)
  • assistance with the choice of third-party hardware

not included:

  • microscope objective (special discount rates available)
  • sample holder and positioning system (special discount rates available)


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