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One software platform to control all your devices

FAIR data for your lab!

For many years during our own work in academic research, our software modules for Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy and optical scanning microscopy have been used not only by us but have been also distributed to scientists in many labs around the world. Now, we are moving our technology to the next level by extending our scope towards a comprehensive operating system for your lab – thaTEC:OS!

thaTEC:OS is an advanced software platform which allows you to control all the devices in your lab and include them in automated measurements. Due to the simple, yet advanced structure using drag & drop, no programming skills are required – setting up and performing automated measurements never has been easier.

thaTEC:OS grows with your tasks: add or substitute equipment at an existing setup by plug and play. With our growing device library, you are ready to go from the beginning. Your device is not available or you need additional features? Just get in touch with us or go for it yourself using our programming template.


  • Based on FAIR data principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-usable): Using the open-source HDF5 file format for your measurement data and with the automatic inclusion of all important device settings, parameter ranges, measurement definition and additional meta data such as user information, sample information, additional parameters, images and comments), thaTEC:OS makes your lab future-proof!
  • Digital lab book and measurement database: Keep track of all your measurements with the automatically generated searchable measurement database. Inspect the acquired data, the measurement protocols and check the status of all included devices at the time of the measurement.
  • Fully extendable: thaTEC:OS is not a software for the automation of a specific scenario – it is a general solution to accompany you with all your scientific ideas! You purchased a new device or want to add or substitute equipment in an existing setup? thaTEC:OS grows with your tasks – just plug and play! Check out our device library with all currently supported devices
  • Process automation: Automatize your measurements and processes instantly via drag & drop. Define cross-device processes, reuse or adjust previous experimental scenarios in a few moments – no programming needed!
  • Minimal training efforts: Use thaTEC:OS with the same look-and-feel for all your setups and experiments without programming skills. Learn at one machine, operate them all!
  • Long-term solution: Science is a dynamic field with tremendous staff fluctuation. This drain of know-how complicates software development and maintenance. Contact us, if you are looking for a comprehensive long-term solution for your laboratory!
  • Visualization and evaluation: Overwhelmed by data sets from different devices scattered across your laboratory? thaTEC:OS is your central reference point. While you focus on the analysis, thaTEC:OS manages the details!
  • Remote control from a central GUI: Control all your devices from a central and unified user interface! Acquire, store and visualize all your data coherently at one central spot!
  • You want to use your own software modules?: No problem, we offer our thaTEC:driver template which is fully compatible with thaTEC:OS to allow for the highest flexibility regarding you hard- and software.
  • Email notifiers: Stay up to date even when your are out of the lab. Receive email notifications about the measurement status to make sure you are back whenever your input is needed to start a new measurement or to analyze new data
  • Your device is missing?: Request your device!

Price: 3.500 EUR


  • unlimited use of thaTEC:OS, single instance
  • all basic driver modules from our device library
  • up to 2 new driver modules for your devices


Currently supported devices can be found in our Device library

Need more features or your device is missing? Fill out our device feature request form and send us a request for your device!


Installer (also for Demo version)

All software downloads


Quick start guide

User manual (including device modules)

Application Notes

Time-resolved Brillouin light scattering

Injection-locking in spin-Hall nano-oscillators

Selected publications

Optical Detection of Phase-Resolved Ferromagnetic Resonance in Epitaxial FeCo Thin Films

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