LightMachinery spectrometer

Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy

Advanced control software for your LightMachinery HyperFine spectrometer

Profit from our long-term experience in Brillouin light scattering!

Fully automate your HyperFine spectrometer from LightMachinery with our advanced control software!

Via the full integration into the thaTEC:OS lab automation framework, the advanced control software allows you to easily realize a fully automated Brillouin light scattering setup. Include your positioning system and other peripheral devices to perform all you measurements without the need of any user interaction. The intensity of the elastically scattered light is continuously monitored and the automatic fast pressure optimization routines for the pump killers are triggered whenever needed.

In combination with the automatic detection of the laser wavelength and calcukation of the LUT offset makes this control software perfect even for unexperienced users and will speed up your measurements.

Contact us and make your life in the lab easier by upgrading your existing setup now!

You don’t have a setup but you are interested in Brillouin light scattering? We will build your customized Brillouin light scattering microscope and set it up right in your lab!


  • Easy control of the HyperFine Brillouin spectrometers from LightMachinery
  • Set and forget: Integrated fast pressure optimization routines for the pump killers are automatically triggered via a user-defined threshold

  • Easy start: The software will automatically detect the laser wavelength and calculate the LUT offset for optimum performance

  • Perfect also for low signals: Accumulate any number of spectra
  • integration and synchronization with all other devices in your lab via thaTEC:OS


Download via thaTEC:Core