High-resolution Vector-Network-Analyzer FerroMagnetic Resonance (VNA-FMR) measurements are an easy and convenient tool for your research and sample characterization. But measuring the resonance over a large field range using a large frequency range can be very time consuming or requires a splitting into several measurements.

Our VNA-FMR software package will speed things up by shifting a narrow frequency window to exactly where you expect your signal. Of course, the according reference signal for each frequency window can be obtained and deliver the corrected data completely automatically!

With the implementation into our automation framework thaTEC:OS, the VNA-FMR software package brings FAIR data to your lab including a digital labbook and fully automatic documentation of all device parameters.

Feel free to include any additional device to your measurement or easily exchange devices at any time, just plug&play. Automating your VNA-FMR measurement has never been easier.


  • Speed up your VNA-FMR measurement by using a narrow frequency window
  • Dynamic shift of the frequency window using Kittel’s formula and the applied magnetic field or a user-defined equation
  • Include any device parameter (magnetic field, current, etc.) into the center frequency calculation
  • Full automation and control of your setup via thaTEC:OS
  • Includes control software for your electromagnet, Hall-probe, etc.
  • Plug & play any additional hardware and include it into your measurement (e.g. for SHE/ISHE measurements)
  • All device modules from our device library are included
  • FAIR data: open-source HDF5 file format for all your measurements
  • Measurement database included to manage all your measurements