Welcome at THATec Innovation!

Our motivation is to help you to focus on the essential: your research.

Having worked and graduated in basic research, we know the small and time-consuming struggles which pop up in the lab every day. To help you to concentrate on your scientific tasks, THATec Innovation offers software and hardware solutions to move your lab to the next level.

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Also check out our device library for all currently supported devices

If you want to get more details about our scientific work and expertise, in particular for microfocused Brillouin light scattering, have a look at the following publication by our co-founder Dr. Thomas Sebastian et al.:

>> Micro-focused Brillouin light scattering: imaging spin waves at the nanoscale, T. Sebastian et al., Front. Phys. 3, 35 (2015) <<


08.05.2020: Missing your lab?

Check out our updated demo-lab with our automation software thaTEC:OS and bring the lab to your home!

Catch up with your work: Let thaTEC:OS take care of your measurments and focus on the essential: your research!

Interested? Follow the quick start guide and learn about all features.

12.04.2020 Happy Easter!

We wish you all a happy Easter and we hope that you can enjoy your holidays!

Stay healthy!

30.03.2020 New online device library

During these days, many labs are locked down due to COVID-19. Lucky you if you have a flexible and universal automation software taking care of all your measurements like our automation framework thaTEC:OS!
Check out our new online device library with all currently supported devices and functions by thaTEC:OS which is now available in the support section.

Your device is missing? No problem, send us a request!

26.03.2020 We are supporting #teilenfuersheilen

The initiative #teilenfuersheilen was started by the German food start-up Gipfelpuls.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many trade-fairs were canceled and - as it is the case for many other food start-ups - orders went down. Thus, Gipfelpuls decided to use their stocked products in the best way and to freely provide them to our doctors and nurses in the hospitals who are working hard these days to fight Corona.
With this initiative, you can support Gipfelpuls and other joining food start-ups to cover their costs for the free deliveries and survive these tough times!
=> Start supporting and check out www.teilenfuersheilen.de for more information.

03.02.2020 The next generation of our optical scanning microscropes is about to be preassembled and shipped!

Today, all CNC milled parts for the next setups arrived. The new setups will be a Brillouin microscope, a combined Brillouin and ODMR setup and a Raman microscope. We are already excited - let the assembly begin!
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