Feature xx has too many concurrent user sessions

You can check and stop current sessions in your browser at http://localhost:1947.Licenses to some modules only allow a certain number of parallel executions. To prevent unnecessary waiting times, please makesure that all users stop the modules if they do not need them any more. For more information, please have a look at Section 2.1 of the thaTEC:OS user manual. Remark: Even though thaTEC:OS offers the option to visualize your data, it should only be used for quick checks or during measurements. Please keep in mind that a running instance of thaTEC:OS might block one of your licenses. For the evaluation of data the use of the license free thaTEC:DataInspector is strongly recommended!

Feature xx is not available. Please check the availability of the feature in your browser at http://localhost:1947

You might have downloaded a module that you have not purchased. Therefore, the dongle does not have the corresponding feature/license. However, in most cases, you can still run the module also without a license. The only difference is that you cannot establish connections between the device module and thaTEC:OS and, therefore, you cannot perform automated measurements with this device. If you are interested in purchasing the according license, please contact us under contact@thatec-innovation.com.

Error message: Protection Key Sentinel HL Max cannot be found. Please check the availabilityof the dongle in your browser at http://localhost:1947

Attach the dongle to one of the PCs in your network, start this PC, and make sure that port 1947 is released on all machines. Please also refer to section 1.2 of the thaTEC:OS user manual or contact us under contact@thatec-innovation.com if the error persists.

Error message: Sentinel LDK is not available on your system. Please run the HASP installer!

Visit http://localhost:1947 to check whether Sentinel LDK is installed. If not, please run the thaTEC:Core installer again which can be found in our download section. If the error persists, please refer to section 2.2 of the thaTEC:OS user manual or contact us under contact@thatec-innovation.com.

Create a .C2V file for a license update

Since a license update can be applied to only one specific dongle, for an update of your licenses, we need a .C2V file which is created with your dongle. To do so, please visit http://localhost:1947 and select Sentinel Keys from the menu on the left. In case of multiple present dongles, select the dongle you want to update and click on the button C2V in the according entry. Download and send us the C2V file to contact@thatec-innovation.com. To update your dongle, we will send you a .V2C file with the updated license information (see also How to activate/update your licence above).

How to activate/update your licence

If you purchase any of our software modules, you will receive a Sentinel Max HL USB dongle via mail. However, we always ship these dongles without any license information which will be provided via mail in form of a .V2C file. To activate or update your license, insert the dongle to the according PC and visit http://localhost:1947. Select Update/Attach from the menu on the left. Now choose the .V2C file that you have received and press the Apply File button. Now you should receive a message that informs you about the successful update of your license.

Important note: If you purchased more than one dongle from us, it is important that the dongle and the .V2C files match! Any .V2C file will work with only one specific dongle!