Renaming/Duplicating modules in thaTEC:Core

When renaming or duplicating modules in thaTEC:Core, in some cases a warning or an error message will occur since renaming/duplicating this module might lead to malfunction in an automated measurement using thaTEC:OS.

Potential errors caused by renameing/duplicating:

When using the modules with thaTEC:OS, the names as displayed in the device tree at the left side of the user interface must be unique. Usually, this name corresponds to the folder name in the module folder since this ensures unique names as displayed below:

However, in older versions of some device modules or in the case of a self-programmed module, the module name might be hard-coded, leading to identical names of different modules when connected to thaTEC:OS and, hence, to malfunction.

Thus, when a warning message in thaTEC:Core appears, in particular when duplicating a module, it must be ensured that the module name on connecting to thaTEC:OS is also adjusted! In these cases, it is strongly recommended to open the module, connect it to thaTEC:OS and check if the name has been adjusted. If not, you might need to update to a later version of the device module or change your own sourcecode accordingly.