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thaTEC:OS device library

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ManufacturerDevice nameDevice type
ASIMS2000Positioning system
Agilent33621A waveform generatorPulse generator
Agilent81130 Pulse generatorPulse generator
AgilentE82XX-series RF source (E8241ARF source
Agilent E8244ARF source
Agilent E8251ARF source
Agilent E8254ARF source
Agilent E8247CRF source
Agilent E8257CRF source
Agilent E8267CRF source
Agilent E8257DRF source
Agilent E8267D).N51XX-series RF source (N5181ARF source
Agilent N5182ARF source
Agilent N5183ARF source
Agilent N5161ARF source
Agilent N5162ARF source
Agilent N5171BRF source
Agilent N5172BRF source
Agilent N5181BRF source
Agilent N5182BRF source
Agilent N5173BRF source
Agilent N5183B)RF source
AgilentN52XX series VNA (N5225AVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Agilent N5221BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Agilent N5222BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Agilent N5224BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Agilent N5225BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Agilent N5227BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Agilent N5231BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Agilent N5232BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Agilent N5234BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Agilent N5235BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Agilent N5239BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Agilent N5230CVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Agilent N5241BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Agilent N5242BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Agilent N5244BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Agilent N5245BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Agilent N5247BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Agilent N5249B)Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)
AgilentN6700 series (N6776A)Power supply
AgilentN9010A spectrum analyzerSignal analyzer
Ametek7230Lock-in amplifier
Ametek7265 Dual Phase DSP Lock-in AmplifierLock-in amplifier
AnaPicoAPSIN seriesRF source
Anritsu68369ARF source
AnritsuMG3692CRF source
AnritsuMS2830ASignal analyzer
Anritsu MS2690ASignal analyzer
Anritsu MS2691ASignal analyzer
Anritsu MS2692ASignal analyzer
AnritsuMS46XX-series VNA (MS4632AVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Anritsu MS4633AVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Anritsu MS4634AVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Anritsu MS4632AVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Anritsu MS4642AVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Anritsu MS4644AVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Anritsu MS4645AVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Anritsu MS4647AVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Anritsu MS4642BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Anritsu MS4644BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Anritsu MS4645BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Anritsu MS4647B)Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)
AnritsuMS46XXX-seriesVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Anritsu MS46122BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Anritsu MS46131AVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Anritsu MS46322BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
AnritsuMS46522BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
AnritsuMS46524BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
AnyUniversal camera module (NI Vision license required)Camera
Berkeley Nucleonics845RF source
Berkeley NucleonicsS1365Signal analyzer
BrukerBruker power supply (several series)Power supply
Cobolt05-01 series (ZoukLaser
Cobolt TwistLaser
Cobolt CalypsoLaser
Cobolt FandangoLaser
Cobolt SambaLaser
Cobolt JiveLaser
Cobolt BoleroLaser
Cobolt FlamencoLaser
Cobolt Rumba).04-01 series (ZoukLaser
Cobolt TwistLaser
Cobolt CalypsoLaser
Cobolt FandangoLaser
Cobolt SambaLaser
Cobolt JiveLaser
Cobolt BoleroLaser
Cobolt FlamencoLaser
Cobolt Rumba) Laser
CryoVacTIC 500 temperature controllerTemperature controller
EurothermET-3500 seriesTemperature controller
FAST ComTecMCS6A (USB version) time digitizer for time-resolved Brillouin light scattering with thaTEC:TFPDAS5Timeresolution
FAST ComTecP7887 (PCI version) time digitizer for time-resolved Brillouin light scattering with thaTEC:TFPDAS5Timeresolution
FLIRBlackFly (NI Vision license required)Camera
FLIR Chameleon (NI Vision license required)Camera
FLIR Flea (NI Vision license required)Camera
GMW5972 magnet controlPower supply
GMWMC-XYZT Motion controlPositioning system
GWInstekGPD-x303S seriesPower supply
Group3DTM seriesGaussmeter
HamamatsuImagEM X2Detector
HamamatsuORCA seriesDetector
Keithley2182A NanovoltmeterMultimeter
Keithley2200xx-series multi channel lab power suppliesPower supply
Keithley2231A-30-3Power supply
Keithley22xx series (2220Power supply
Keithley 2230Power supply
Keithley 2231)Power supply
Keithley2400 seriesSourcemeter
Keithley6200 series (6221)Sourcemeter
KeithleyDMM 6500Multimeter
KepcoBOP series (via GPIB) (BOP 100WPower supply
Kepco BOP 200WPower supply
Kepco BOP 400W)Power supply
KepcoBOP series (via analog voltage from Newport XPS controller)Power supply
Keysight33621A waveform generatorPulse generator
Keysight81130 Pulse generatorPulse generator
KeysightE82XX-series RF source (E8241ARF source
Keysight E8244ARF source
Keysight E8251ARF source
Keysight E8254ARF source
Keysight E8247CRF source
Keysight E8257CRF source
Keysight E8267CRF source
Keysight E8257DRF source
Keysight E8267D).N51XX-series RF source (N5181ARF source
Keysight N5182ARF source
Keysight N5183ARF source
Keysight N5161ARF source
Keysight N5162ARF source
Keysight N5171BRF source
Keysight N5172BRF source
Keysight N5181BRF source
Keysight N5182BRF source
Keysight N5173BRF source
Keysight N5183B)RF source
KeysightN52XX series VNA (N5225AVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Keysight N5221BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Keysight N5222BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Keysight N5224BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Keysight N5225BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Keysight N5227BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Keysight N5231BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Keysight N5232BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Keysight N5234BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Keysight N5235BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Keysight N5239BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Keysight N5230CVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Keysight N5241BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Keysight N5242BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Keysight N5244BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Keysight N5245BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Keysight N5247BVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Keysight N5249B)Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)
KeysightN6700 series (N6776A)Power supply
KeysightN9010A spectrum analyzerSignal analyzer
KikusuiPBZ seriesPower supply
LakeShoreLS475 including field control for magnet power supplyGaussmeter
MadCityLabsPiezo controllerPositioning system
MarzhauserTango seriesPositioning system
Measurement computingUSB-3100 series (3100DAQ hardware
Measurement computing 3101)DAQ hardware
Measurement computingUSB-3101DAQ hardware
National InstrumentsNI-9264 DAQ hardwareDAQ hardware
National InstrumentsNI9402 module for photon counterDAQ hardware
National InstrumentsUSB-621X USB DAQ modulesDAQ hardware
NewportDL-series delay lineDelay line
NewportESP301 seriesPositioning system
NewportSMC100 DC or stepper motor controllerPositioning system
NewportXPS-series controller (XPS-DPositioning system
Newport XPS-Q)Positioning system
Ocean OpticsQE ProSpectrometer
Physikinstrumente (PI)E710 piezo controllerPositioning system
PicotechPicoSourcePulse generator
PicotechPicoVNAVector Network Analyzer (VNA)
PicotechPicoscope 9300 series USB oscilloscopeOscilloscope
RedLab1608GDAQ hardware
Rohde & SchwarzSMB100ARF source
SmarActMCS 1 positioning systemPositioning system
SpinCorePulseBlaster USB versionPulse generator
Stanford Research Systems (SRS)DG645 delay generatorPulse generator
Stanford Research Systems (SRS)SR830Lock-in amplifier
Stanford Research Systems (SRS)SR86x-series lock-inLock-in amplifier
Stanford Research Systems (SRS)SR860Lock-in amplifier
Stanford Research Systems (SRS)SR865Lock-in amplifier
SurugaDS102 setpper motor controllerPositioning system
Swabian InstrumentsDLnsec pulsed lasersLaser
Swabian InstrumentsPulse StreamerPulse generator
Swabian InstrumentsTime Tagger (TR-BLS)Timeresolution
Swabian InstrumentsTime Tagger module for countratesTimeresolution
TableStableTandem Fabry-Perot interferometer (TFP-1Signal analyzer
TableStable TFP-2)Signal analyzer
Tektronix2182A NanovoltmeterMultimeter
Tektronix2200xx-series multi channel lab power suppliesPower supply
Tektronix2231A-30-3Power supply
Tektronix22xx series (2220Power supply
Tektronix 2230Power supply
Tektronix 2231)Power supply
Tektronix2400 seriesSourcemeter
Tektronix6200 series (6221)Sourcemeter
TektronixAFG3000C-seriesPulse generator
TektronixDMM 6500Multimeter
Teledyne LeCroyHDO-seriesOscilloscope
ThorlabsElliptec Piezoelectric motorsPositioning system
ThorlabsK-Cube Solenoid controller (KSC101)Positioning system
ThorlabsK-cube brushed DC servo motors (KDC101)Positioning system
ThorlabsK10CR1Rotation stage
ThorlabsKinesis software modulePositioning system
ThorlabsPM-series powermeter (PM100APowermeter
Thorlabs PM100DPowermeter
Thorlabs PM100USBPowermeter
Thorlabs PM101 SeriesPowermeter
Thorlabs PM102 SeriesPowermeter
Thorlabs PM103 SeriesPowermeter
Thorlabs PM16 SeriesPowermeter
Thorlabs PM160Powermeter
Thorlabs PM160TPowermeter
Thorlabs PM160T-HPPowermeter
Thorlabs PM200Powermeter
Thorlabs PM400)Powermeter
ThorlabsThorlabs MDT69XB stage controllerPositioning system
TopticaiBeam smart seriesLaser
VelmexVXM seriesPositioning system

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