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3D printed tools for your lab

3D printing is not only perfect for prototyping like we use it for the delopment of our optical scanning microscope, but 3D printed tools, sample holders, stands, etc. became quite common in many experimental physics labs around the world.

However, in order to print something, you need to create a 3D model first. This can be very time consuming and a big issue if you are not familiar with this.

Luckily, there are platforms online where anyone can publish their 3D model under a creatice commons license. One of the biggest and most popular platforms is Thingiverse. Here, you can find many tools and gadgets also for your lab!

Being experimental physicists ourselves, we know the well-known small issues in your labwork which can be quite annoying. One well-known issue in any optical setup is cable routing and fixing cables to the optical table. This could easily be solved with a 3D printed cable holder. Since there was no model for this, we created a simple 3D printed cable holder for optical tables. Providing a through hole for M6 or 1/4″ screws, the holder can be fixed to the table and by feeding zip-ties through the holes in the holder, cable routing is no longer an issue! We always use several of these holders in every lab we set up and can say that they should be in every lab with an optical table!

Check out the design on Thingiverse

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