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Move your lab to the next level!

For many years during our own work in academic research, our software modules for Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy and optical scanning microscopy have been used not only by us but have been also distributed to scientists in many labs around the world. Now, we are moving our technology to the next level by extending our scope towards a comprehensive operating system for your lab – thaTEC:OS!

thaTEC:OS is an advanced software platform which allows you to control all the devices in your lab. Due to the simple, yet advanced structure using drag & drop, no programming skills are required - setting up and performing automated measurements never has been easier.

thaTEC:OS grows with your tasks: add or substitute equipment at an existing setup by plug and play. With our growing device library, you are ready to go from the beginning. Your device is not available or you need additional features? Just get in touch with us or go for it yourself using our programming template.

thaTEC:OS - Features

Optical scanning microscope

Turnkey systems for various detection methods

You plan to implement an optical technique to investigate micro- and nanostructures? We offer customized hardware for your lab!

During our own longstanding experimental work in the area of Brillouin light scattering microscopy, we constructed and continuously improved several scanning microscopes in various labs all over the world . THATec Innovation will bring this experience to your lab.

We customize our hardware according to your experimental scenario: detection technique, positioning system, high-frequency or dc probes to contact your sample, ...? No problem! Tell us your requirements, we will select the optimal hardware for you and will set it up right where it belongs: in your lab!

Moreover, our software module for microscopy offers autofocus routines, long-time position stabilization and fully automated 2D scans. Get in touch with us and get your customized THATec Innovation optical scanning microscope now.

Optical scanning microscope - Hardware features

More information on our Optical Scanning Microscope can be found here.

Optical scanning microscope - Software features

Probe station

Our latest and most versatile probe station

Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy

Advanced control software for your TFP-interferometer

Profit from our long-term experience in Brillouin light scattering and fully automate your tandem Fabry-Pérot interferometer from JRS Scientific Instruments with our software module TFPDAS. Automated alignment and stabilization of the mirror pairs during the measurement and, of course, fully automated data acquisition with one software module!

The development of this control software in 2009 was the starting point for our company. For many years, our software modules for Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy have been used not only by us but have been also distributed to scientists in many labs around the world. By continuously improving the THATec Innovation TFP-interferometer control software and by adding more and more features, the software now is better than ever.

Contact us and make your life in the lab easier by upgrading your existing setup now!

You don't have a setup but you are interested in Brillouin light scattering? We will build your customized setup for microfocused or wavevector-resolved Brillouin light scattering and set it up right in your lab!

TFPDAS - Features