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Welcome at THATec Innovation!

Our motivation is to help you to focus on the essential: your research.

Having worked and graduated in basic research, we know the small and time-consuming struggles which pop up in the lab every day. To help you to concentrate on your scientific tasks, THATec Innovation offers software and hardware solutions to move your lab to the next level.

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If you want to get more details about our scientific work and expertise, in particular for microfocused Brillouin light scattering, have a look at the following publication by our co-founder Dr. Thomas Sebastian et al.:

>> Micro-focused Brillouin light scattering: imaging spin waves at the nanoscale, T. Sebastian et al., Front. Phys. 3, 35 (2015) <<


26.11.2018: Bring some color to your lab

You want to use multiple wavelengths for your Raman microscope or you want a blue laser to increase the signal from spin-waves in YIG without re-aligning the optics every time you switch lasers?
How about adding some other wavelengths to your optical scanningmicroscope and switch laser-wavelengths to your needs?
No problem, just get in touch with us and bring some color to your lab!

22.11.2018: A new model of our optical scanning microscope is ready for research!

Two exciting and successful weeks at the University of Delaware are about to end. Setting up a new model of our optical scanning microscope for Brillouin light scattering in Newark, visiting the liberty bell in Philadelphia, watching a game of the Blue Hens and now preparing dinner for thanksgiving - a perfect end for our visit!
Happy thanksgiving to all of you!

12.10.2018: 2nd Workshop on Brillouin microscopy, January 2019 in Lyon

We are happy to announce that we are a sponsor of the 2nd Workshop on Brillouin microscopy held on January 2019, 23rd to 25th in Lyon, France!
During the practical lessons, Dr. Thomas Sebastian and Dr. Thomas Meyer will be trainers and help you to perform automated measurements using our software modules. Thus, you will be able to use and experience our software in a real scenario!

Register here

See you in France!

04.10.2018: Setting up a new optical scanning microscope

We have successfully set up a new optical scanning microscope for Brillouin light scattering at Ceitec in Brno, Czech Republic. Thank you guys for your hospitality, it has been a pleasure working with you!

26.09.2018: The idea behind our company was born in the lab!

THATec Innovation: by scientists for scientists

Are you interested in our software and hardware solutions as well as our scientific background? Check out this open access publication about Brillouin light scattering microscopy with co-authorship of two of our founders: Dr. Thomas Sebastian and Dr. Helmut Schultheiß:

T. Sebastian et al., Micro-focused Brillouin light scattering: imaging spin waves at the nanoscale, Front. Phys. 03 (2015)

14.09.2018: End of a successful meeting

We would like to thank again the organizers and all participants of the Advances in Brillouin Light Scattering & BioBrillouin Meeting in Perugia, Italy. In particular, the insights into the use of Brillouin light scattering in biology and medical applications were very fascinating.
It has been a pleasure to be a sponsor of this event and we thank you for your interest in our products and all the fruitful discussions. We hope to see all of you again soon!

05.09.2018: "Advances in Brillouin Light Scattering & BioBrillouin Meeting"

We are happy to be a sponsor of the "Advances in Brillouin Light Scattering & BioBrillouin Meeting" on September 12-14th in Perugia, Italy. Come and visit us at our stand and join our presentations!

Dr. Thomas Meyer, September 12th at 10:45 am
Dr. Helmut Schultheiß, September 13th at 9:00 am

See you in Italy!

04.09.2018: New homepage online

In the last weeks, we redesigned and updated our homepage which is now online.
Check out our custom soft- and hardware solutions for your lab.

03.09.2018: Welcome to our team!

One month ago, Dr. Thomas Meyer started his job at THATec Innovation.
Based on his experience in microfocussed Brillouin light scattering, he will focus on the further development of our optical scanning microscope.

24.08.2018: Our latest and most versatile probe station

Get in touch with us now and get your customized setup now!

23.08.2018: Keeping up to date with us

A few weeks ago, the new THATec Innovation Facebook page went online. Like us and keep up to date!
No Facebook account? No problem! Follow us on Twitter or Instagram.

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