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One software platform to control all your devices

thaTEC:OS is a modular software platform designed for the automation of any experimental setup in scientific research. Including an automated full documentation and the possibility to collect measurements from any setup in a database, thaTEC:OS moves your lab to the next level.

Due to the simple, yet advanced structure using drag & drop, no programming skills are required - setting up and performing automated measurements never has been easier.

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Optical scanning microscope

Turnkey systems for various detection methods

You plan to implement an optical technique to investigate features on the micro- or nanometer scale? But your sample-holder is too large or too heavy for the use with conventional microscopes, you need to fit other equipment like electromagnets or there is no turnkey system for your application - we have a solution for you!

We customize our hardware according to your experimental scenario and will set it up right where it belongs: in your lab!

Need help with the optical setup from the laser to the micrsocope and to detector? No problem, jsut get in touch with us and we will set up the complete optical setup in your lab!

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Probe station

The ultimate solution for versatile electrical contacting of your sample

Tired of wirebonding? Our probe station offers a flexible way to electrically contact your sample.

Individual 3D positioning of up to six probes to your sample, compatible with high frequency probes up to 110 GHz and fully compatible with our optical scanning microscope!

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Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy

Advanced control software for your TFP-interferometer

Profit from our long-term experience in Brillouin light scattering and fully automate your tandem Fabry-PĂ©rot interferometer!

Automated alignment and stabilization of the mirror pairs during the measurement and, of course, fully automated data acquisition with one software module!

Contact us and make your life in the lab easier by upgrading your existing setup now!

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