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3D printed tools for your lab

3D printing is not only perfect for prototyping like we use it for the delopment of our optical scanning microscope, but 3D printed tools, sample holders, stands, etc. became quite common in many experimental physics labs around the world.

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thaTEC:OS Update → changing to the HDF5 file format

Changes and new features

In May 2020, a major update of thaTEC:OS was released. The version 'thaTEC:OS HDF5', which was being tested for several months, now replaces the previous version. Thus, the version 'thaTEC:OS HDF5' is obsolete and will be removed from the device library within the next weeks.

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HDF5 file format

Data storage in academia and research & development

The huge number of data formats and various import and export options can make data handling in research a challenging and time-consuming task. To tackle this challenge and make your life easier, after many hours spent on research on data storage, we found the Hierarchical Data Format 5 (HDF5) to be the best format to cover all major requirements for our automation framework thaTEC:OS
. Furthermore, it is already a standard format and widely used in industrial and academic research.

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